the public fossil   collection

Fossil specimens donated by Loyce Youngblood to the

 Laurence Youngblood Energy Library

 University of Oklahoma

Large Ammonite Fossil   (Coahuila, Mexico)

   Large Sabal Palm Frond        (Wyoming)

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Library and Private Palms  - Compared
Private Palm Fossil - Youngblood Estate
Energy Library Fossils - Thumbnail Photos
Private Crinoids - The Youngblood Estate
The Youngblood Story - O.U. Energy Library
Large Ammonite - Youngblood O.U. Library
Large Sabal Palm - Youngblood O.U. Library
Cephalopod Slab - Youngblood O.U. Library
Carboniferous Plants - O.U. Energy Library
Crinoid "Sea Lily" - Youngblood O.U. Library
"Prize" Ammonite - Youngblood Energy Library
Fossiliferous Walls - Youngblood O.U. Library
Selenite Crystals - Youngblood Energy Library
Quartz Monzonite - Youngblood O.U. Library
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Private Palm Mysteries - Sabal Palm Notes



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          Sarkeys Energy Center - Oklahoma University                Boyd and Jenkins Street, Norman, Oklahoma

  2nd Floor - Home of the Youngblood Energy Library

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100 E. Boyd, Room 220, Norman, Ok 73019, 405/325-6451


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the private fossil collection

Personal fossils from the  residence and estate of  

Loyce Youngblood

Large Sabal Palm Frond overlaying apparent fish  Green River Formation (Wyoming)

 Multiple-Calyx Crinoid   with nine "Sea Lilies"  (Germany)

Single-Calyx Crinoid   "Sea Lily" marine animal    (Purchased from Estate by OU) (Germany)

      Loyce and Laurence:      The Youngblood Story

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