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Large Ammonite Fossil   (Coahuila, Mexico)

   Large Sabal Palm Frond        (Wyoming)

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Donated by Loyce Youngblood



Library entry walls and hallway contrast with granite floor

Location: Travis and Williamson Counties, Texas

Age of Specimen: Lower Cretaceous, estimated 100 million years B.C.E.1

Description: Beautiful fossil-filled limestone graces the entrance walls and hall of the Youngblood Library, providing a cream white contrast to the dark-brown reflecting granite floors. This fossil-bearing limestone is so attractive, it is even used as a frame for the flower-like "Sea Lily" Crinoid fossil in the entrance area. The visual effect is extended into the library where this decorative "Cedar Park Limestone" is used as the base under the granite checkout counter. This distinctive shelly limestone is from the Fredericksburg Group of the Walnut Formation which extends into the Edwards Limestone north of Austin, Texas, and contains pelecypod (clams), Exogyra texanand (oysters), miscellaneous small marine fossils, and fossil shards. Numerous cavities provide an additional rich texture.

General Description: This shelly layer limestone is trade-marketed as "Cordova Shell". It has been used on both exterior and interior walls of government and private buildings throughout Texas and across the United States.

1 Estimated by traditional Uniformitarian geological concepts.

   See: Contrasting floors of dark-brown reflecting granite Quartz Monzonite


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Large Sabal Palm Frond overlaying apparent fish  Green River Formation (Wyoming)

 Multiple-Calyx Crinoid   with nine "Sea Lilies"  (Germany)

Single-Calyx Crinoid   "Sea Lily" marine animal    (Purchased from Estate by OU) (Germany)

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