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Large Ammonite Fossil   (Coahuila, Mexico)

   Large Sabal Palm Frond        (Wyoming)

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Location: La Mission, Baja California, Mexico

Geologic Period Range: Late Cretaceous           Traditionally estimated 100 to 60 million years BCE1

Age of Extinct Specimen: Generally estimated about 65 million years BCE1


Description: This "Small Ammonite" is described on the Youngblood Energy Library website as a "prize example".2 This species, Pachydiscus Catarinae ("Thick Disc of Catreina"), is traditionally believed to have become extinct about 65,000,000 years ago B.C.E.1 Although no fossils have been discovered of this actual marine animal, nor of a specimen with an intact fragile outer shell chamber where it lived, it is believed that they may have been similar in function and appearance to today's chambered nautilus found in tropical seas. (The worldwide search by paleontologists for a complete and perfect specimen of this species continues).

Fossils of this species, including this specimen, are found in the Rosario Formation near La Mission in the State of Baja California, Mexico. They are found in boulders (ranging approximately from 4 to 10 foot diameters) made  up of concretionary accumulations of marine matrix originating as giant mud balls that were rolled up, which then adhered to a central rock or fossil, much as a giant snowball rolls up lawn grass and twigs, suggesting great force was applied to create these boulders, probably catastrophic in nature. The Youngblood Library website states, "Unfortunately only 10% of these boulders contain ammonites and a fraction of these contain specimens approaching the quality of this specimen." 2  It is also probable that very few approach the beauty of this "prize" specimen.

1 Estimated by traditional Uniformitarian concepts (gradual, uniform changes over great periods of time, similar to rates of change observed today).

2 For access to the Youngblood Library website it is easiest to copy and paste to your browser:  (Do not just click on link since it then leads back to the slow-loading and difficult to navigate main O. U. Library Systems home page).

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Large Sabal Palm Frond overlaying apparent fish  Green River Formation (Wyoming)

 Multiple-Calyx Crinoid   with nine "Sea Lilies"  (Germany)

Single-Calyx Crinoid   "Sea Lily" marine animal    (Purchased from Estate by OU) (Germany)

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